Power Management Solutions for Emerging Technologies


Setec has been creating world class products and providing custom-designed advanced power supply solutions for over 50 years


We specialise in solving the unique and often complex needs of our customers, which has earned us a reputation as leaders in the power supply industry


Our history relects a deep commitment to innovation as well as excellence in design, manufacturing and customer service

Innovative, custom-designed power & battery management solutions, built in Australia for over 50 years


Setec’s 50th Year…The Early Days

Our founder, Peter,  knew from a young age that he wanted to be an electrical engineer. After leaving school he gained an apprenticeship at AG Healings where he could hone […]

Setec’s 50th Year begins…….

The year was 1968. A young married couple, both engaged comfortably in full-time work, decided it was time to take a risk. Peter Lloyd, an electronic engineer with CSIRO, loved […]

National RV Trade Show – Louisville, Kentucky

Day One at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  Louise, checking out new innovative products and engage with key stakeholders

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