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Power Supplies

Setec’s power supplies are designed to meet the requirements of unique products. Our custom designs are far more than ‘volts and amps’ with a strong focus on developing the true requirements of the customer.
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Battery Management

Setec’s BM PRO range of power management and battery charging solutions are rugged, reliable, tough and innovative. We understand the importance of effective power management.
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Setec can help you achieve your optimal power solution. View our quick product finder to browse through our high quality power solutions.

Welcome to SETEC

Setec is an Australian designer and manufacturer of innovative power solutions. Our company history which spans over 45 years reflects a deep commitment to design, manufacturing and exceptional customer service.

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Setec has been creating world class products and providing custom-designed advanced Power Supply Solutions for over 45 years.


We specialise in solving the unique and often complex needs of our customers which has earned us a reputation as leaders in the Power Supply Industry


Our history reflects a deep commitment to innovation as well as excellence in design, manufacturing and customer service.