Expertise and Industry


Setec has successfully designed and manufactured power solutions for over 45 years for a wide variety of industries. We have the knowledge and capability to design to your specifications, with an understanding of budget and time restraints. From prototypes to the final product, our state of the art engineering and manufacturing process allows us to partner with our customers for the entire product development cycle from conception to completion.

We believe in developing strong working relationships with our clients and partners. We recognise that all of our customers are unique and may have individual and varying requirements. It is our in-depth knowledge, attention to detail and excellent customer service which allows us to produce exceptional results time and time again.



[accordion title=”Information Technology Equipment (ITE)” style=”style3″]

Setec has designed power solutions for ITE since the early 1980’s. Our solutions have ranged from visual display units to large personal computers. Setec continues to provide customers with significant value and opportunity by using our environmentally ‘green’ technology.

We employ unique patented power supply technologies which allow for more efficient energy delivery and results in financial savings for our customers. These products produce cleaner energy, less heat and financial savings on equipment cooling costs.

Setec also offers power factor correction technology (and Delta 3 phase power factor correction) which provide even greater energy savings.


[accordion title=”Communications Industry” style=”style3″]

Setec has produced power supplies for the communications industry since the early 1970’s. We are established as specialists in meeting all global regulatory EMC requirements and equipment interoperability.

Recently, Setec has taken to the forefront of solutions for 30-40 dB Class B requirements. Our experience in the communications industry includes products such as DV power systems, battery management solutions along with digital and analogue control interfaces.

Communication industry solutions include:

  • HF Radio Communications
  • Broadcasting
  • Wireless Networking
  • RF Solutions
  • Satellite Communications
  • Computer Networking


[accordion title=”Gaming Industry” style=”style3″]

For over 20 years, Setec have been specialists in the design and manufacture of power supplies for slot machines. In fact, we were involved in the development of the first power supply for electronic gaming machines.

Over this time, we have produced over 100,000 units for the gaming industry and are experts in understanding specific requirements for the highly regulated gaming environment.

Our current range of standard gaming machine power supplies include:

You can evaluate these power supplies or allow us to help meet your unique requirements using the following services for:

  • Multi-rail power supplies
  • Resource centre for customer service
  • Sourcing and evaluation of off-shelf power supplies for suitability


[accordion title=”Automotive Industry” style=”style3″]

Setec’s experience in the automotive industry is most prevalent in the transport and logistics market. By providing a ground-up concept for battery management and control of electronic truck jacks (ETJ), Setec has provided this industry with excellent value and service.

Our ETJ is extremely rugged and water resistant whilst software features allow for flexible development and use by the customer. Along with Setec’s experience in power solutions, we have developed experience in a range of automotive requirements and standards.

Automotive market solutions include:

  • Robust power supplies for harsh environments
  • Manage load and battery charging- this allows us to create solutions to 80% and 90% plus efficiency
  • Low EMC for interoperability
  • Low Audible Noise Control
  • Ease of use


[accordion title=”Recreational Vehicle (RV) Market” style=”style3″]

Setec’s expertise in battery management and automotive power technology allows us to be a key player in the recreational vehicle market. We have supplied a range of power supplies and battery chargers to the Australian caravan market since the 1990’s. We also continue to build and nurture relationships worldwide within this industry.

RV market solutions include:

  • Robust power supplies for harsh environments
  • Devices for managing battery load and charging- this allows us to create solutions to 80% and 90% plus efficiency
  • Low EMC devices for interoperability
  • Low Audible Noise Control power supplies
  • Specifically designed ‘easy-DIY’ devices


[accordion title=”Medical and Science Industry” style=”style3″]

Setec has been servicing the medical/scientific power market for many years and is experienced in providing medical power solutions that meet all regulatory requirements.

We have completed projects within the medical and scientific industries which include DC converters in laser eye surgery equipment and three phase 15KW units for hospital grade equipment. No matter the size or uniqueness of the project, we have the capacity to tailor make power equipment for your precision hospital and surgical equipment.

Medical/Science industry solutions include:

  • Multi-product solution for power supplies, for example- one power solution for an entire product range
  • Switch-mode power supplies that meet medical approvals
  • Resource centre for customer support
  • Regulatory adherence – we keep up to date with changing regulatory environments