Genius – Battery Management System

The Genius is a revolutionary battery management system designed to offer a complete power solution for caravanning applications. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the slim and sturdy Genius is fully equipped to charge the current generation of deep cycle batteries.

To ensure that batteries are optimally charged and ready to use, the Genius has enhanced management capabilities such as boost charge, float charge, store charge and trickle charge modes. To ensure problem free charging, this device can also draw charge through an optional DC input from a secondary source including solar power.

The battery management system has been designed to ensure low battery drain at all times to maximise time between charges and extend battery life while cutting costs. By keeping the EMC low, any interference with the AM radio band is avoided, ensuring complete driver comfort.

The Genius has a range of battery protection features including reverse battery protection, battery current limit, over voltage protection, voltage current limit and fuse protection. The low voltage disconnect facility ensures the battery against excessive draw. This device also hosts a thermally controlled fan to make sure that noise levels are kept low.

Recreational automotive applications depend on reliability and deserve optimal power converters to guarantee safety, flexibility, reliability, noise reduction and good battery management. The Genius power management system is one of the best value power converters for recreational vehicle users.

Product Manual

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