The EBS3 – Electronic Ballast

The EBS3 series are slim, high-efficiency electronic fluorescent lamp ballast that offers optimal lighting solutions for a large range of industrial, commercial and institutional applications. These 24V DC electronic ballasts are installation and user friendly and designed for enhanced performance with reduced energy bills.

The EBS3 is compliant with all industry norms. It meets UL safety requirements and is designed to comply with EN61 347-2-4:2001 (IEC 61 347-2-4: 2000).

This unit makes use of high frequency (55 kHZ) pre-heating to light fluorescent tubes. Pre-heating extends the life of the lamp and the significant ballast volume ensures low noise, flicker free, instant lighting together with increased efficiency.

User Friendly Features Include:

  • The end of life detection (EOL) feature alerts users to replace the unit
  • High resilience with regard to fault handling as the EBS3 is equipped to identify short circuit
  • Open circuit whether in the tube or the filaments.

Key Features:

  • High frequency (55 kHz) compact design
  • High reliability
  • Pre-heating of the filament before striking for long life
  • EOL (end of tube life) detection
  • Fault handling for short circuit, and open circuit (either tube or filaments)
  • 24 Vdc operation

UL recognised and designed to comply with EN61 347-2-4:2001 (IEC 61 347-2-4: 2000)