And the winner is…Setec!.

And the winner is…Setec!

Setec is the proud victor of the Telstra Business Awards – Medium Business category. These prestigious awards have been celebrating outstanding Australian business success since 1992, highlighting the achievements of leading small and medium sized companies.

The Telstra Business Award finalists are nationally recognised as experts in their particular field. They are also known for their vigorous application process in Australia, examining each and every business with a fine toothcomb. Winners are chosen based on outstanding leadership, innovation and future business vision, all of which Setec encompasses.

The Telstra Business Award winners were announced on the 14th of July at Crown Melbourne. Setec’s proud CEO, David Bayliss, gave an acceptance speech which is available to view on the Telstra Business Awards website. Below are some highlights of the night!

Setec would like to take this opportunity to thank its loyal customers and staff, some of which have been with the business for 25 plus years. It is through consistently contributing to the development of our people, innovation and the latest technology that we remain ahead of our international competitors.

As for the future, that is now Setec’s primary focus – and it is this focus that will drive us forward as we continue to innovate and manufacture in our truly great country.

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