Australian manufacturing – how smart business initiatives lead to smart growth.

Australian manufacturing – how smart business initiatives lead to smart growth

Australian manufacturers often struggle to compete against large global companies. High industry costs and difficultly accessing larger international marketplaces from a relatively isolated location makes keeping prices low challenging for local manufacturers.

While the current economic climate is creating an advantage for Australian manufacturers, companies have to continually refine how they engineer their products to compete effectively in an international market.

Setec CEO David Bayliss concurs with this sentiment – to survive Setec has consistently re-invented itself and its products to remain relevant.

As Australian multi-nationals grow steadily in the manufacturing industry, there is a constant need to become more cost competitive compared to their Asian neighbours. These power supply sourcing requirements forced businesses overseas to China or other Asian-based countries.

“In today’s market we would be looking at 4-5 true power supply designers and manufacturers left in Australia,” said David Bayliss.

Creating new processes and structures enables Setec to develop and bring products to market more efficiently. This is achieved through initiatives such as 3D printing, lean DFX and PFMEA processes. Products can now be realised faster, more cost effectively and suitably for Australian manufacture. Continually revising Setec’s design practises to the world’s best standards has enabled the organisation to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Developing efficient processes, reducing labour and product costs all contribute to keeping businesses competitive. Particularly for medium sized enterprises like Setec, the business’ strong culture of staff initiative, teamwork and loyalty is a foundation for Setec’s continued success.

“Setec understands the importance of our front line manufacturing team.  We continue to innovate on the manufacturing floor and strive to continuously improve our process, controls and output,” Bayliss cites.

A large proportion of Setec’s staff in direct manufacturing have been with them for many years and therefore they understand the intricacies of the product. If a problem arises in one of the stages of manufacturing, staff identify and correct the issue either directly or with their management team.

“There is also no suggestion of just adding additional labour to overcome the issues.  Improvements to our processes and workflow are constantly changing and driven directly by initiatives from our staff,” Bayliss said.

Setec’s outstanding reputation for reliable, quality local products combined with its passionate workforce allows the business to continually grow and competitively stand in the international manufacturing market.