BMPRO Delivers New Hi-tech Power Management System for Jayco.

BMPRO Delivers New Hi-tech Power Management System for Jayco

BMPRO – a Setec brand – innovators of the well-known ‘BatteryCheck’ App, are pleased to announce the release of their new JHub System exclusively for Jayco, an exciting, industry-wide launch that has been 18-months in the making.
BMPRO’s JHub System is an app-driven, power management system that controls the on-board features of a Jayco caravan or motorhome from a tether-free Android tablet using the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, while managing incoming power, battery charging, tank levels and more. It also controls on-board features such as lights, the van’s slide-out, hot water and water pumps.
But what sets BMPRO’s JHub System apart from other power management systems in the Australian RV market, is that not only is it 100% Australian-made for our rugged conditions, but it also offers:
• An integrated solar regulator and distribution board on the system’s J35 charging unit for up to 450-watts of solar panels.

• A Bluetooth system that allows constant wireless communication (via the ControlNode101) between the tablet and the caravan battery management system.

• ‘Futureproof’ support with app updates available via Jayco or at one’s favourite app store.

• An interactive 7” Android tablet controls everything and can also be used for surfing the web.
Jayco is highly respected within the Australian Caravan industry for leading with innovation and delivering the best value-for- money to their customers. So when we worked with them to build something that would dramatically improve their customers’ adventures, we were ecstatic that it evolved into the JHub System”, Setec & BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss was recently quoted as saying.
“Now Jayco customers will be treated to the most intuitive experience in managing their on-board features and data with a cutting-edge, hi-tech product that we couldn’t be more proud of”, Ms. Bayliss concluded.
A standard feature on Jayco’s new off-road ‘Adventurer’ range and available on their motorhomes and Silverline vans, the technology for BMPRO’s JHub System was designed and manufactured in Knoxfield by VIC-based Setec, a partner of Jayco’s since 2005, supplying their Drifter & ST Series power management solutions since 2013.
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