Navigating through changing dynamics of supply chains through covid: sending units to the US

Putting Out Fires with Gasoline – Supply Chains During Covid-19

Navigating the Changing Dynamics of Supply Chains through COVID: A CEO’s perspective by Louise Bayliss – Setec As a CEO in a manufacturing business that spans more than fifty years, I know the balancing act that goes into guiding and leading a company. A successful enterprise always stands ready to

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Scholarship receiver Chris Thompson is visiting Setec

Setec – Peter Lloyd Scholarship News

2019 Peter Lloyd Scholarship receiver, Chris Thompson, was brought up in Bendigo, VIC, and studied civil & environmental engineering at the University of Melbourne. He developed an interest in electronics and enrolled in the Master of Electrical Engineering program at the university. Chris’s passion in electronic hardware design, embedded systems

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Stephen Bell explains Michelle Yan manufacturing facilities at Setec

Michelle Yan – 2018 receiver of Setec-Peter Lloyd Scholarship

In April this year we had a great pleasure to meet in person the receiver of 2018/2019 Setec – Peter Lloyd Scholarship award, Michelle Yan. Setec CEO Louise Bayliss welcomed Michelle and gave her company’s overview.  Setec team showed Yan manufacturing facilities and explained the complex process of power supply

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Setec accredited supplier

Setec accredited supplier of Australian Caravan Industry

SETEC has recently became an Accredited Supplier under SAP run by Caravan Industry Association of Australia.  According to CIA, “The operations at SETEC are at the forefront of best practice and innovation and completely comply with all elements of our accreditation criteria standard”.   Setec, the parent company of BMPRO –

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Hongli Wang

Setec Interns

For university students, an internship is a great opportunity to develop professional skills in the workplace. Setec welcomes students in engineering and electronics to get work experience at the company and plays a vital part in fostering innovative spirit of young professionals. Three of Setec interns are now full-time employees,

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First receiver of Setec Peter Lloyd Scholarship

Setec Peter Lloyd Scholarship

As innovators in electronics, Setec are proud supporters of young leaders and engineers. One of the company’s multiple initiatives in fostering innovation is the Setec Peter Lloyd Scholarship. The scholarship is offered to students of Melbourne University studying the Masters of Engineering (Electrical) in their final year of the degree.

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Melbourne University School of Engineering – Peter Lloyd Scholarship 2018

2018 Peter Lloyd Scholarship winner announced

Melbourne University School of Engineering – Peter Lloyd Scholarship Recently all award winners at Melbourne University School of Engineering where presented their awards. Sam Barrett is the 2017 award winner of the Peter Lloyd Scholarship to assist in his Masters years. Professor Graham Schaffer, Dean, Melbourne School of Engineering, and

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Setec 50th Evening

Setec celebrated 50 Years on the 9th February with a Cocktail Party for Staff, Customers, Suppliers and Industry. We would like to thank our customers who attended, and those that who were there in spirit. Louise Bayliss, Setec’s CEO, said during the evening, ‘I would also like to thank our

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Setec – 50 Years Strong

Setec recently celebrated 50 Years of Business with a Cocktail Party on the 9th February, we launched a video showing the journey of Setec’s 50 Years. Please take a look to understand Setec’s story!

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