Custom Power Supplies

Custom MadeThe focus of Setec’s business is custom-made power supplies, specifically tailored for our customers’ requirements. Our power supplies are designed to meet the requirements of a particular product as opposed to an off-the-shelf design.

Our custom designs are far more than simply ‘volts and amps’ with a strong focus on developing cost effective product solutions. We incorporate all design considerations into our development process and have moved to a control circuitry ‘smart’ function in our new power supplies and electronics.

Continual changes and increasing regulatory and safety issues continue to add further dimension to the custom design of power supplies. Our customers rely heavily on our detailed knowledge of relevant regulatory bodies and worldwide power and electronic standards.

Setec is able to meet energy star and energy saving requirements through utilising its high efficient power conversion technology together with considering space requirements, thermal thresholds and reliability.

Don't waste your time and money re-inventing the wheel. Fill out Setec’s product solution form so we can work with you to fast track the development of your Power Supply.

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