SETEC Pty Ltd Email Disclaimer

Version: 29 Jun 2006

SETEC Pty. Ltd. ABN 14 006 317 817 ("SETEC")

About email from
To verify whether the contents of an email should be taken as policy of SETEC, please contact the sender of the message.
To verify any suspected email forgery please contact
Email can easily be misaddressed, and we request that should you receive such a message that you inform the sender and respect the sender's wishes where appropriate.
SETEC reserves the right to monitor, archive, read, delay, modify or delete any communications passing through it's networks.

Some realities of email to be aware of:
Email is not secure and may be intercepted, altered or read by other than the sender and intended recipient.
Email can be forged easily.
Email can carry viruses, spyware, or other malicious software.