More than fifty years of power solution design have seen Setec diversify our expertise in a range of different industries. Our innovative approach to custom power management has positioned us to successfully enter into a variety of markets. Today, Setec is a recognised leader in power management solutions in the Automotive & RV, Communications, Gaming and Medical and Science fields. We are proud to service the needs of our clients in these sectors and our dedication to their needs ensures our products remain industry leading. Our growth into different industries has been made possible by our flexible approach to power management solution design. Ignoring an off-the-shelf production process has positioned us to successfully pivot and apply our expertise to a comprehensive range of applications. Our continued learning across our industry sectors means that our leading design and manufacturing processes continue to develop and elevate with the improvement introduction of new technologies and practices. Setec is widely recognised as having the capability and knowledge to design solutions to meet our clients’ diverse and complex needs, regardless of the industry they operate in. Our comprehensive knowledge of regulations, compliance standards and governing bodies around the world has led clients to be able to depend on us. We ensure their power solutions are compliant with the relevant requirements, no matter their location or industry. Our solutions are specialised to meet the highly specific needs of our customers across the globe. Setec’s growing network of clients and suppliers has seen us build and develop relationships in New Zealand, China, the United States of America and Europe. Ours and our clients’ success is dependent upon our industrious knowledge, design processes, manufacturing procedures and service. Our culture of innovation, learning and experimentation has built trust in the Setec name across all of our industries and markets.