Purpose-built power supplies keeping you on the move

Setec proudly holds a stellar reputation as a manufacturer of superior battery management products for the RV industry. We are one of the world’s first designers and manufacturers of mobile power management systems for RVs, combining the concepts of smart homes to mobile vehicles.

Our history of providing custom-designed power products began in 1968. Setec’s commitment to building strong relationships with customers within the RV industry and our innovative spirit places us as the foremost provider of a world-leading range of battery chargers, battery monitors, and trailer-breakaway systems products.

Setec has been supplying custom-made power products to the recreational vehicle industry since 2005. Our customer, Jayco, who proudly hold forty percent of the Australian RV market, approached us for a unique power supply solution that would make touring more reliable and simpler for their customers. Through collaboration with Jayco, BMPRO’S JHub—the world’s first android-based power management system—was installed in thousands of premium Jayco caravans and provided their customers with a superior user experience while touring off-the-grid. In 2013, our brand BMPRO was born and we instantly became the number one supplier of power solutions to RV manufacturers.

In the years since BMPRO arrived on the market, we have continued to build and nurture relationships with our customers, and we now proudly include (amongst others) Jayco, Roadstar, New Age, Concept Caravans, Goldstream, Franklin, Avida, Essential, and Paramount as partners. Our various superior battery management, control and monitoring products can be found on board over 70% of the Australian manufactured RV’s. Through our concerted ability to work alongside our customers, and to recognise their individuality and complex needs, Setec’s stellar reputation and superior power management and control products are recognised globally and our customer base within the RV industry reaches across the seas. We are the first Australian company to supply volume of control and management systems to the US RV industry.

The positioning of Setec as a global market leader has been achieved by our capacity to innovate, from prototype to the finished product. The state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing processes at Setec provides the ability to streamline the product according to the specific needs of each customer. As an OEM, the BMPRO range of custom-made battery management products are underpinned by the ideas and aptitude of our technical people, who ensure we innovate for each customer, and with each customer. This means our products support your products and enhance the touring experience of RV enthusiasts.

Due to our research and design team’s intuition and capacity to keep ahead of the curve we continued to improve and enhance our products. The BMPRO brand now incorporates a world-leading range of battery chargers, battery monitors, and trailer-breakaway systems. Our custom-designed products include intuitive systems, modern screens, and easy-to-use functions, which allow touring enthusiasts to monitor and control most features in their caravans and RVs. All our battery management systems complement the power management systems installed in many of Australia’s caravans, can be retrofitted, or used as stand-alone items.

Our BMPRO products include:

• Robust power supplies for harsh environments
• Devices for managing battery load and charging- this allows us to create solutions to 80% and 90% plus efficiency
• Low EMC devices for interoperability
• Low Audible Noise Control power supplies
• Specifically designed ‘easy-DIY’ devices

Setec believes in converting complex problems into power supply solutions by connecting into the users’ experience. Contact us to learn how we can provide power and battery management solutions for your complex requirements.


Setec understands the nature of our business and is always flexible and innovative in responding to our specific needs – helping us to lead the market.”

Jayco – leading caravan manufacturer, Melbourne, Australia