Custom-designed power solutions keeping you connected

Setec has produced custom-made power supply solutions for the communications industry since the 1970s. We specialise in solving the unique and often complex needs of our customers, which has earned us a reputation as leaders in the power supply industry.
Our established history in the design and manufacture of power management products proves our combination of technical knowledge and expertise is sought-after by many small and large businesses in the communication industry. Our early customers included Collins Radio, where our power solutions were used by the RAAF, and Ansett Australia, Unisys, NEC, and Alcatel. Working in partnership with these customers on their complex needs helped shift us from a small business to our current status of a leading global manufacturer of power supply solutions. Setec’s commitment to innovation within our research and design team, and our exceptional attitude to customer service is what keeps us in our existing position as a world-leader in the manufacture of power products for the communications industry. 

At Setec, we are established specialists in delivering top quality solutions for the communications sector and in meeting all global regulatory electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements and equipment interoperability. Any electronic power management product has the potential to interfere with other nearby devices, which can present issues with functionality. However, at Setec, all pre-compliance testing is done in-house, with necessary reports and certification provided to the customer. For telecommunication applications, stringent noise requirements are met to support final product compliance.

Our capacity to sift through any potential EMC issues keeps us at the forefront in the OEM market and equates to all Setec power supplies consistently delivering reliable communication and flexibility between IoT devices. Due to our commitment to employ a detailed approach to EMC processes, collaboration with the customer in the design stage, and our dedicated methods during manufacturing, our customers have the assurance that any Setec power supply product will performs its function within its intended environment without causing interference to its intended device.

Our use of cell-based manufacturing proves that working together is a valuable concept for our customers, our people, and our suppliers. The grouping of similar processes and parts is a system of production that allows for the manufacture of products, while allowing for our teams to expertly oversee the line of production, scheduling, and functionality of each of our power supply solutions. This increases output and builds value, while also keeping our products cost-effective for the customer.

Setec’s history as a manufacturer of power management products is replete with a proven ability to innovate, strive for excellence in design, manufacturing, and customer service. These characteristics underpin our values and are instrumental in placing us in the unique position of enjoying loyal and long-term working relationships with many of our customers, including Siemens and Codan, manufacturer of communications for the mining industry.

Our experience in the communications industry includes products such as DV power systems, battery management solutions along with digital and analogue control interfaces. In recent years, Setec has taken to the forefront of power supply solutions for 30-40 dB Class B requirements. Our current communication industry solutions include:

  • HF Radio Communications
  • Broadcasting
  • Wireless Networking
  • RF Solutions
  • Satellite Communications
  • Computer Networking

Setec is the leading supplier of power management products in the communications industry. We stand ready to provide you with a cost-effective and custom power supply solution for your communications product.


“We build strong relationships with our suppliers and this is evident through our ongoing partnership with Setec. Their reliability, quality and safety assurance are always second to none.”

Codan – manufacturer of communications, metal detection, and mining technology, Adelaide, Australia