Investing in the Booming 90’s.

Investing in the Booming 90’s

Australian manufacturing organisations in 90s

In 1992, Setec was still a booming business, with clients such as Alcatel, Fujitsu, NEC, Siemens and Unisys. But Australia was still doing it tough, so Peter Lloyd kept his staffing levels at conservative numbers, in a measure to protect the company from the economic severity.

It was yet another clever move, showing more of Peter’s skill in managing a business. Between 1993 and 1995, Setec underwent massive growth. Again, Peter did not rest on his laurels. He knew that further work was needed in order to future-proof the company.

Setec team in early 90s

A report written during this decade on Australian manufacturing organisations highlighted the areas of challenge that lay ahead. Peter knew he needed to implement changes at Setec, and by embracing the latest in design and manufacturing leading edge thinking, Setec continued to thrive.

Peter and Jill always placed a high degree of importance of the Research and Design (R&D) side of their business, with about 20% of employees employed in that department. They credit the company’s success and longevity to this important aspect in a design and manufacturing business. Being in the power business, there were quality control processes and the company always employed staff devoted to quality. Testing and re-testing of units enabled the Lloyds a peace of mind that the products rolling off the line were safe and top quality.