Michelle Yan – 2018 receiver of Setec-Peter Lloyd Scholarship.

Michelle Yan – 2018 receiver of Setec-Peter Lloyd Scholarship

Stephen Bell explains Michelle Yan manufacturing facilities at Setec

In April this year we had a great pleasure to meet in person the receiver of 2018/2019 Setec – Peter Lloyd Scholarship award, Michelle Yan.

Setec CEO Louise Bayliss welcomed Michelle and gave her company’s overview.  Setec team showed Yan manufacturing facilities and explained the complex process of power supply manufacturing. Michelle met Randi Noegroho, Master of Engineering, who also studied at Melbourne University. Randi shared his experience working at Setec, first as an intern, and then as a permanent employee.

Louise Bayliss with Michelle Yan

For Michelle it was the first visit of the Australian electronics manufacturer of such a scale, and she was very impressed by the level of organisation of the manufacturing process and the modern technologies used by Setec.

Michelle has been studying to become an electrical engineer and is extremely passionate about engineering as a tool to improve the world. In her letter to Peter Lloyd, she says:

“I know Setec is a family owned business, and this letter of thanks is not only from myself, but from my family also — I will be the first engineer in my extended family, and my grandparents always tell me how proud of this fact they are. Thank you for making this possible.

Louise Bayliss, Jill Lloyd, Michele Yan, Peter Lloyd

My major is electrical engineering, and I am excited to build and design the future. I am particularly interested in circuit design and power systems, and hope to one day give back to Australia like Setec has done.”

Setec is proud to support young engineers and encourages students from Melbourne University entering their final year of the Masters of Engineering (Electrical), to apply for the scholarship.