Our Values

At Setec, we know that long-term success isn’t achieved by accident. We have cultivated our company character over decades in business, ensuring it strategically dovetails with our decisions and processes, people and culture.

Setec upholds our strong and long-held character values of:

  • Excellence
  • Unity
  • Foresight
  • Passion
  • Resilience

We recognise the value of excellence is the driving force behind Setec becoming industry leaders in our field. Excellence empowers us each day to continuously work towards improvement in our product development and design, in manufacturing processes, to our customer service and our attention to detail.

At Setec, we value unity; we won’t settle for less. Unity fortifies us as a team, and enables a sense of camaraderie as we work together and celebrate our achievements together. The value of unity allows us to support our staff and provide opportunities that benefit them in their career and personally. Unity strengthens workplace culture; it is the avenue through which employees fuel innovation, and management lead, guide and motivate. Many of our Setec employees have been working with us for decades; a success management wholly attributes to the value of unity.

Through claiming the value of foresight, we anticipate our future and allow it to guide our actions today. Foresight provides space for thoughtful decision-making in our development and designs, and prevents reactionary paths or decisions that ultimately do not add value for our customers.  

We understand that our value of passion drives us to succeed. We have successfully designed world-class power management solutions for over fifty years. Our passion will compel us to innovate and streamline in order to provide custom-made power supply solutions for another fifty years.

At Setec, we are also aware that there are moments when we face obstacles on our pathway to success. Our value of resilience enables us to stand side-by-side through the challenges and difficult moments. Setec’s leading Technology Research Centre is the hub of our research and development and is where our advanced custom-designed power supply solutions are created. It is a place of expertise, intelligence and resilience.

Setec’s recognition of our character values allows us to reinforce the company’s vision and purpose; two crucial elements which provide a roadmap to guide us. Throughout our history, Setec’s vision and purpose have facilitated significant growth and steered the company to its position today as a globally recognised leader in manufacturing and engineering excellence.

Since its founding in 1968, the company has continued to embody our vision, ‘Trusted leaders globally recognised for our responsiveness, quality and strategic collaborations’. Over our years in business we have specialised in manufacturing world-class power management solutions, with numerous long-standing customer collaborations, both of which arise from a deep commitment to this vision.

We are unapologetic in our mandate that staff uphold Setec’s shared purpose of ‘Empowering your competitive edge through innovation and reliable solutions’. It is through the intricate understanding of this purpose that we are able to truly understand the nature of our business. We are constantly innovating and evolving our customised power solutions, in order for our products to match perfectly with our customers’ needs.

Setec is renowned globally for its innovative developments, customer-driven manufacturing processes, and providing consistent delivery of high-quality products. We know this achievement stems from our strong connection to Setec’s values, vision and purpose.