Peter Lloyd Scholarship News – Aidan Taylor.

Peter Lloyd Scholarship News – Aidan Taylor

Peter Lloyd Scholarship receiver, Aidan Taylor

As innovators in electronics, Setec BMPRO are proud supporters of young leaders and engineers. One of the company’s multiple initiatives in fostering innovation is the Setec Peter Lloyd Scholarship. The scholarship is offered to students of Melbourne University studying the Masters of Engineering (Electrical) in their final year of the degree.  

2021 Peter Lloyd Scholarship receiver, Aidan Taylor, found his love for engineering soon after returning to VCE and is now completing his Master’s degree at The University of Melbourne.

In May this year, Aidan visited Setec, where he met Setec CEO, Louise Bayliss, learned about the company’s research and development program, and met with the company’s engineers and interns. He had a tour around the manufacturing facilities and learned how the product goes from the idea to implementation, from prototypes to production.

“Upon beginning my undergraduate degree, I took a subject that touched on a range of engineering disciplines. As soon as the electrical engineering element was introduced, I was sold. I loved the endless possibilities of electrical engineering and the fact that its applications are all around us and how intertwined it is with everyday life.” – Aidan

Aidan’s current career aspirations are to work in power and/or communications engineering. “I find the concepts and processes involved in generating and transporting power fascinating. I am also particularly interested in renewables and the role electrical engineering has to play in our transition to more sustainable energy sources.”

Aidan and Louise

CEO, Louise Bayliss – “It was great to be able to host Aidan at Setec BMPRO, to show him the business that Peter Lloyd created while providing him with some time with other young engineers. I was very impressed with Aidan’s drive to learn and better himself along with his commitment to his interesting journey.”

“Once again, I wish to sincerely thank you for this generous award. I am incredibly honoured and deeply grateful.” – Aidan Taylor.

By supporting young engineers, the company contributes to the growth of Australian engineering and electronics – the industry which brought to life Setec BMPRO itself.