Setec’s 50th Year… A swish new home.

Setec’s 50th Year… A swish new home

New plant in Knoxfield built in 2000

During the last few months of 1999, as the world held its breath for the disaster of Y2K, Setec was brewing ideas. The company launched a new range of products for the telecommunication industry, known as the Diverse Range. Coinciding with the launch of this product, the company was readying to move into its state-of-the-art, purpose-built factory in Knoxfield.

A new millennium, a new beginning

Peter and Jill Lloyd were nearing their 50s, a time when many couples begin to nurse thoughts of slowing down, dreaming of retirement plans. But not for the Lloyds. Peter concentrated on the business operations, while Jill excitedly planned every aspect of the new factory. The property is 45,000 square feet, it is fully air conditioned, carpeted and tiled floor areas, luxury bathrooms, a kitchen and lunch area, and equipped with a courtyard. The opening of the facility was a moment in time when Peter and Jill felt immense pride over their journey.

The Diverse Range of Power Systems also meant that Setec opened a facility in China, with their long-term metal work partner, Kingdom Fine Metals. The two Peters – Peter Lloyd and Peter Sun – had enjoyed a strong working relationship over the years, leading to the China-based company selling power systems to the telecommunications market. This partnership gave Setec a strong edge in international waters: the advantage to see exactly what the local market required and a product that could withstand any environment.