Supporting Future Leaders of Caravan Industry.

Supporting Future Leaders of Caravan Industry

Future Leaders Caravan Industry

Setec is excited to announce that a BMPRO, a Setec brand, is the principle sponsor of the Future Leaders Forum held at 2018 Caravan Industry National Conference, on 16-18th of May at Gold Coast. This is the second year we are supporting Future Leaders in the industry. The program is organised by Caravan Industry Association of Australia in order to support emerging leaders and provide them with educational and networking opportunities.

Together with CIAA, Setec encourages the young leaders to bring their commitment and energy to ensure further growth of caravan industry. As a company with 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing power solutions and control systems, we understand the necessity to stay relevant and contemporary in order to successfully compete in the market. That’s why we are supporting the young and daring leaders of the industry. Their success means a lot to us.