The rise of small to medium enterprise.

The rise of small to medium enterprise

Making up 99% of all global business and contributing significantly to local and international exports, SMEs (small to medium enterprises) are a vital cog in the Australian business cycle. Medium businesses in particular, with an established staff, base and marketplace represent a large section of potential growth with government support.

Australian SMEs often struggle to compete in an aggressive international marketplace without entrepreneurial leadership or government assistance. Australia’s isolated global location combined with high taxation rates stall medium businesses with much potential for international growth at Australian borders.

As a medium business that has continued to grow in recent years, Setec is still proudly Australian-owned and operated. Young Melbourne couple Peter and Jill Lloyd built the business with gritty ambition and unshakeable determination out of their Doncaster family garage over 46 years ago.

Melbourne University’s Centre of Workplace Leadership, commissioned by the Australian Department of Industry, recently revealed that the top performing medium businesses were organisations which placed equal weight on technological and management roles. The study surveyed over 1000 SMEs to understand what made businesses thrive in a competitive environment.

In 2015 Setec launched its first direct to consumer range, BM PRO by Setec. Showcasing the latest in battery technology, their lead product from the range, BatteryCheck, is a world-first innovation. Already an established original equipment manufacturer at the forefront of the international design and manufacturing market, Setec is clearly still full of bright ideas.

Pushing technological innovation and placing an emphasis on creative, modern technology, late last year Setec opened a state-of-the-art design centre in Malaysia. Focusing on maintaining their position as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, Setec’s design centre increases the company’s technical expertise and ability to develop more products.

Setec’s dedicated, committed workforce and strong management team has been instrumental to the business’ success. “ By continuing to invest in our leadership team and the overall growth of our staff pays for itself tenfold in the value which the business receives. It’s a win-win!” said

Most recently, Setec was awarded Victoria’s Telstra Business Award of the Year – Medium Business. The company has been an industry leader for several years, and the Telstra Business Awards provide recognition to the team efforts of staff over the years.

Image credit: via robcubbon.