Why Setec


At Setec, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients and suppliers. Our own achievements rely on the success of our clients and suppliers. Our dedication to this shared success has led to Setec becoming a trusted manufacturer of custom power supply systems. Setec has carefully cultivated a culture of excellence and opportunity for development and innovation. Our high standards ensure we provide a customised service and a complete solution to meet our client’s needs, whatever they may be. We provide our staff with training and opportunities for professional growth, which in turn provides continual elevation of the standards of our company. Both internal and external collaboration are critical to maintaining the excellence that defines Setec and the products we deliver. At Setec, our approach to custom power design involves embracing a balance of innovation, experimentation and development. As a company, we are continually moving forward, and this momentum relies on our uptake of new technologies and practices to further refine our products. We don’t look to reinvent the wheel, but to make continual improvements, guaranteeing quality and longevity in the solutions we provide. Setec has developed many long standing and personal relationships. We are committed to excellence and dedicated to delivering power supply products that consistently exceed our client’s expectations. At Setec, we guarantee our work with innovative design, industry leading manufacturing practices and more than fifty years of experience. Our engineering knowledge and creativity in custom power design are second to none, meaning our technological expertise is always qualified to manage any need a client approaches us with. Through the expansion of our brand, our diverse industry experience has broadened, leading us to a position of accomplished power supply solution expertise. Because of our storied work and ongoing relationships, we have been able to efficiently manage any challenges encountered during the power design process. Our unwavering commitments to empowerment, innovation, reliability and solutions are evident in our collaborative and dedicated approach to meeting the diverse and often complicated needs of our clients. Our clients have come to recognise the value and dedication promised by our brand and this has elevated our relationship, facilitating advanced collaboration.
Research and Development department at Setec
Using automated test equipment