Setec is committed to increasing empowerment for our customers, people and suppliers. We know that building a sense of empowerment at all levels within our business is no accident.

Throughout our years of operation, Setec has consistently empowered its customers by providing deep understanding of industry knowledge, service, and technological expertise. Our flexible approach to our customers’ power supply needs, coupled with our proficiency in engineering and manufacturing power solutions gives us a competitive edge within the industry. Our ability to build strong and loyal relationships with our customers is underpinned by our considered approach to truly understand the unique and complex needs of our customers, and our collaborative method builds a sense of empowerment.

At Setec, we know empowerment builds trust among our people. We therefore offer our staff opportunities to further their knowledge and professional expertise. The Setec Improvement Process (SIP) encourages our staff to reach beyond their role, to strive for development through leadership groups, and through this channel, foster nimble teams that further builds empowerment amongst colleagues. Our staff reflect their sense of empowerment back to us by embracing our company values, and generating their own concepts to improve our business.   

Our relationship with suppliers is symbiotic and we support their achievements and successes. This reciprocal connection is the underpinning element that has cultivated a sense of empowerment and supported long-term relationships with our suppliers over our esteemed history. We recognise that empowering our suppliers brings an increase to the quality of their product and adds to the superiority of our own power supply products. This positively affects our capacity to provide and manufacture power management solutions.     

We take pride in the knowledge that our customised power supply products empower our customers, staff and suppliers to reach new potential.