Medical and science

Power management supply solutions for medical and scientific devices

At Setec, our expertise in manufacturing power supply products extends into the medical and science industry. In the 1970s, under the leadership of our founder, Peter Lloyd, our custom power supply solutions ensured reliability to machines and devices in hospital and clinics around the nation.

Since that era, we have continued to manufacture power solutions to the medical and science industry. Our technical expertise and knowledge, and the increasing superiority of the power management products we manufacture continues to expand, as well as our loyal customer base.

No matter the size or uniqueness of the project, Setec has the capacity to manufacture tailor-made power equipment for your precision hospital and surgical equipment. We understand the degree of difference and complexity necessary to produce power supplies specific to the medical industry. Our exemplary research and design team, as well as our technical people, place us in a leading position to meet the stringent regulations required in the manufacture of medical appliances. Our state-of-the-art facility in Knoxfield is home to engineering and manufacturing processes that afford us the capability to assemble custom-made power products with minute dexterity and precision, from prototype to a complete range of medical power supply products.

The power supply solutions created by Setec specific to the medical and science industry include:
• DC converters used for laser ophthalmology surgery
• Three-phase 15KW units for hospital-grade equipment
• Multi-product solution for power supplies (e.g. one power solution for an entire product range)
• Switch-mode power supplies
Quality is the key thread that holds our business together. Our commitment to quality and the reliability of our products is underpinned by our technical experience and skill. Each product manufactured by Setec offers product longevity with increased functionality and integration with other key manufacturers’ products. In addition to our knowledge and adherence to medical industry regulations, Setec undergoes independent audits of our processes, technology, and our facility. Our customers approach us with their unique and complex problems, knowing that Setec will create power supply solutions that adheres to the relevant regulatory bodies’ guidelines.
Over our years in business we have built and nurtured long-term partnerships with many of our customers. ResMed recognises our ability to produce exceptional results, underpinned by our attention to detail, customer service and, as such, continues to partner with us for their range of sleep apnoea and CPAP products. Our people receive professional development that keeps us ahead of the curve in the design and manufacture of custom power products for the medical sector.

Setec’s manufacturing facility is also home to our outstanding resource centre which offers exceptional customer support and after-sales service for all the needs our customers may require. Keeping this important aspect of our business on-site is one of Setec’s key priorities, showing our commitment to quality and service, and one that we steadfastly hold with pride.
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We are proud to work in partnership with Setec and are delighted with their innovative approach to our unique internal fanless power supply requirements.”

ResMed – manufacturer of medical equipment, California, USA