Reliability is recognised through Setect’s people, design, operation and creation of our power supply solutions.

Our people are reliable. We see this in their everyday commitment to maintain a culture of respect and trust. All Setec custom-designed solutions reflect reliability, evidenced by our teams who strive to enhance our power management products by discovering ways to improve the operational state of each power management solution.

We appreciate the significant relationship between reliability and safety. Our products and systems meet and surpass the necessary safety audits by external regulatory bodies and our own internal reviews. The engineering systems at Setec undergo regular and careful maintenance to ensure a reliable working order and an overriding quality that manifests in our customised power products.

Setec consistently and proudly upholds accreditation through ISO 9001. This international standard ensures a commitment to quality management and is an integral part of our culture. Our accreditation with ISO 9001 guarantees we place a priority on continual improvement to our manufacturing and design processes and our power supply products.

We take great pride in the reliability of our custom-designed power management products. It is the underpinning element in our power and battery management products and provides assurance to our customers that each Setec power supply product will perform its function under the conditions it was designed to operate.

For more than fifty years, Setec has been committed to reliability and quality in the manufacture of power management solutions. It is the cornerstone of our business and proved by the long-term success in a changing world and market. Setec’s success and longevity in business, along with our loyal relationships with many of our customers confirms our dedication to reliability.