Setec have built a successful and trusted brand through designing and manufacturing custom power management solutions, created specifically to fulfil our clients’ individual requirements. Our engineering processes are custom suited to focus on the delivery of power management units which meet the unique needs of our clients.

During our manufacturing process, we prioritise quality and reliability to produce custom power solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Our expertise ranges from design conceptualisation to manufacturing processes and technological innovation. We continue to push the boundaries of power supply design whilst guaranteeing the end solution’s functionality and longevity.

A dynamic regulatory and safety standard environment is always front of mind during the production of our custom power solutions. Setec clients rely heavily on our comprehensive knowledge of relevant regulatory bodies and global power and electronic standards. We provide guidance to ensure our clients’ compliance with any obligations which pertain to their powered devices.

We also guarantee compliance with energy star and energy saving requirements. This is achieved by our considered approach to highly efficient power conversion technology, physical space parameters, thermal thresholds and market-leading quality control procedures.