Quality Assurance

If you want to deal with professionals who listen to your needs and deliver products of the highest internationally recognised quality standards, on time and on budget, make Setec your partner in business.

By applying the concepts and principles of internationally recognised quality requirements, Setec is able to set the highest quality standards achievable. Setec undergoes independent ISO9001 quality audits every three years which combined with our long warranty periods provide our customers with peace of mind.

Our customers demand the best quality. Setec’s best practices are robust and reliable and have the ongoing support of a range of internationally recognised safety approval organisations including; UL, FCC, CE, and RCM.

Stringent testing is undertaken on all new products through our Test Engineering department. This department develops and operates a range of sophisticated test equipment to assess our products at a number of key assembly stages. All products are tested at 100% completion before they leave Setec.

Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS):

Setec has been a RoHS compliant facility since March 2006. We are dedicated to the elimination and removal of hazardous substances ensuring we are in compliance with the RoHS statement.

Please visit: www.rohsguide.com for more information.

Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive:

The WEEE Directive was introduced into European law on 27th January 2003. The WEEE Directive includes a requirement that manufacturers’ must design equipment that can be easily recycled at the product end-of-life.

A producer is anyone who:

  • Manufactures and sells electrical and electronic equipment under his own brand
  • Resells under his own brand equipment produced by other suppliers
  • Imports or exports electrical and electronic equipment on a professional basis into a Member State

Setec has identified that some of our products fall within the scope of the WEEE directive and we are consciously implementing new techniques and ideas to strive to meet this directive.

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