Setec’s 50th Year begins……..

Setec’s 50th Year begins…….

The year was 1968. A young married couple, both engaged comfortably in full-time work, decided it was time to take a risk. Peter Lloyd, an electronic engineer with CSIRO, loved to tinker with television sets, radios and other appliances. His wife, Jill, a personal assistant, was keen to work alongside Peter, unleashing the innovation and ambition. In launching their own business, they leapt from the precipice of safe and secure employment and into the chasm of a dream.

Scientific Electronics began in the garage of their home, in East Doncaster, moving to different leased factory properties in Bayswater, and now settled in the purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility in Knoxfield.

Now, in 2018, the fledgling business is known as Setec, Australia’s foremost player in the power supply industry. Over the decades the company widened its capabilities and industry depth to include power supplies for telecommunications, defence, gaming, railways, medical and the caravanning industry. It is not surprising then, that Setec enjoys a global reputation for excellence, reliability and innovation in power management and controls.

On the 9th February, we celebrate fifty years in business. We are unashamedly proud of our heritage, innovation, and our advancements over this period of time. We look forward to sharing snippets of our history over this our 50th year.