Setec range of power supplies for slot machines

Setec’s 50th Year…Gaming in the US

Only two years into her role as Managing Director, Louise knew that Setec had, by this time, developed a detailed and solid understanding of power supplies for slot machines. An opportunity for further US customers in the gaming industry beckoned. The year was 2006. Louise arranged a trip to Las

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in 2004, Louise Bayliss took a role of Managing Director and brought Setec new customers

Setec’s 50th Year…The Millennium Brings Change

The new millennium heralded the start of more changes for Setec. Peter and Jill Lloyd’s eldest daughter, Louise, joined the company to market and promote the Diverse Range of Power Systems. Louise saw that the company was at a stage where an injection of new customers was necessary, so her

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New plant in Knoxfield built in 2000

Setec’s 50th Year… A swish new home

During the last few months of 1999, as the world held its breath for the disaster of Y2K, Setec was brewing ideas. The company launched a new range of products for the telecommunication industry, known as the Diverse Range. Coinciding with the launch of this product, the company was readying

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Australian manufacturing organisations in 90s

Investing in the Booming 90’s

In 1992, Setec was still a booming business, with clients such as Alcatel, Fujitsu, NEC, Siemens and Unisys. But Australia was still doing it tough, so Peter Lloyd kept his staffing levels at conservative numbers, in a measure to protect the company from the economic severity. It was yet another

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Presentation of Arrow sign to Louise Bayliss, CEO of Setec

Arrow Celebrates 30 Years with Setec

Recently, Arrow Asia, Setec’s long term component distributor, celebrated our 50 years with 30 years of partnership, support and supply. It was a special occasion for our long term supplier to arrange lunch for all of our staff and talk about the support and help they have given Setec over

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ISO9001 certification recevied by Setec

Solid Foundation for a Rocky Era

Quality endorsed company At the dawn of the 1990s, Setec was well-placed for the new decade. As the number one player in the power supply industry, the company had the expertise and the reliability to navigate through Australia’s ‘recession we had to have’. The electronics industry in Australia had been

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Setec 50th Evening

Setec celebrated 50 Years on the 9th February with a Cocktail Party for Staff, Customers, Suppliers and Industry. We would like to thank our customers who attended, and those that who were there in spirit. Louise Bayliss, Setec’s CEO, said during the evening, ‘I would also like to thank our

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Setec – 50 Years Strong

Setec recently celebrated 50 Years of Business with a Cocktail Party on the 9th February, we launched a video showing the journey of Setec’s 50 Years. Please take a look to understand Setec’s story!

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Setec’s 50th Year…Time for a Change

Potential for new business in the United States was rising and by 1985, Scientific Electronics had gained its first international safety approval, ready to leap into the global market. Peter appointed an American company representative, based in San Francisco, as interest in their products, particularly in units 250W and higher,

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