Setec’s investing in software intelligence.

Setec’s investing in software intelligence

At Setec we’re always looking for fresh, innovative ways to implement new structures and strategies within our business to stay ahead of the global manufacturing market. We know that the changes Setec makes today will undoubtedly influence and set strong foundations for the company’s future. For this reason, we have recently invested in state of the art manufacturing equipment and software intelligence to remain a global leader in our industry.

A recent article which appeared in Manufacturers Monthly has suggested that the future is going to be smarter, more complex and software-intensive products will rule the market. Setec agrees with this concept and believes that the future of manufacturing rests heavily with an organisation’s ability to continually develop intelligent software products.

This article was in response to an Australian Trade Commission report which revealed Australia was a less-than-ideal destination for manufacturing business and investment. It did however, outline the importance of driving Australian manufacturing further through software engineers.

According to the Manufacturers Monthly article, the answer is to use an integrated approach to handling mechanical parts, electronic and software systems, where manufacturing companies can achieve increased revenue, drive innovation, decrease time to market and garner increased market share, staying ahead of the competition. It also cites software intensive products and systems as the most profitable area for manufacturers.

Setec has doubled its number of software engineers in the last year, following an emphasis on new products with greater software intelligence including the innovative BatteryCheck. Setec’s BM PRO range, which includes the BatteryCheck device, reflects a new generation of products which can interact with smartphones allowing recreational vehicle (RV) enthusiasts to monitor their batteries.

We are confident that the investments Setec is making towards modern, ground-breaking software intelligence will allow us to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology driven products in the future.